Boy oh boy those priorities!

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One of those weeks which feels quick once a Friday is here, but to get to that it took a while! As well one of those weeks which felt uncomfortable knowledge wise.

This all comes from sitting and time to time looking around and seeing people so concentrated working hard and looking like they know what they are doing. Probably they do! So anyway, looks like there is some interesting things out there to learn and explore. My colleague Diogo recommended this website — I must say I might enrol in one of the courses as if you do not wish to get a certificate its actually free. Reason why — just want to learn some more relevant stuff that Delivery manager would benefit from and all that. Because I am interested and because I want to learn every day, don’t want to get stuck with not knowing what to do next. And if I will like it and it will be cool the other colleague of mine Dom recommended Open University — great stuff there! But obviously you have to pay for a course and you get proper certificate after. So before a commitment would like to make sure that I can choose something I really like and enjoy learning.

So anyway priorities, priorities, priorities! If I could I would do everything at the same time, but need to priorities things so life can still go. Learning and engaging in studies actually will take some time so need to definitely make sure that before I commit to that — I will not sign myself for failure.

So anyway, this week I remembered that I meant to stop writing blogs cause there is not much to say about work. When I read other people blogs you can actually take some things away, think about it and learn, whereby reading this crap you probably stopped after third sentence! But sometimes might come something to my mind to share my own thought on so I might type something in for that. Like woman in technology — its a big topic and being in that place does make me feel sometimes that I would love to express some feelings and opinion about it! Long story short — no matter you are man or a woman — technology changes so quickly that you have to constantly be involved if you want to be any good. So I guess its a goodbye to weekly notes.

So far from looking at metrics this month looks better than any previous month so it feels good to see teams effort and improvements and how everyone is concentrated on things. Hoping that from here we will just do better and better. WIP limits do work and capacity allocations are cool as well!

Other than that life goes on, another week is over and I hope for a good weather so that I can go and make some pictures! Oh and on the note of learning I am hoping as well to learn to play a guitar as it was a dream for a very long time now! Piano got too boring so need to move onto something more cool. Have a good weekend everyone!

And here is some tune for you all!(Don’t worry its not me singing this time!) ‘Things ain’t cooking .. in my kitchen… ‘

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Agile Delivery Manager, Certified Kanban professional. Passionate about people and ways to improve system.

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